Drake's Boutique, Amsterdam

Drake's Boutique is a Savas Milano retailer in Amsterdam, Holland. Since the start in 1989, it has transformed into a unique concept store combining fashion, interior design, and accessories. The handpicked brands at Drake's all have one thing in common: they are unique and stand out.

Why do you think Savas works well with your brand mix?
For us it's important to sell products that you don't find easily elsewhere in Amsterdam or Holland. When it comes to handbags, we want handbags that have a unique design and shape. The Savas bags are exactly that.

What is the fashion scene in Amsterdam like?
The fashion scene is more casual and toned down. We cater the store to a more international aspect that is not for basic people.

What are some of your favorite places in Amsterdam?
Our concept store is definitely something different, trust us!

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