Efva Attling

Efva Attling is the former model and pop star that became one of the most important jewlery designers in Northern Europe. We're big fans of hers and know that she is a fan of Savas, so we decided to make a short interview with her. 

You have been working in the Luxury business for a long time, but if we forget
about that business for a while – what is luxury for you?
When I get time to leave the office to have a break and to get a perspective of life. Then I get the peace to create new designs. I think the greatest luxury for me is that I can design whatever I want. That´s freedom and freedom is luxury!

How come you got in to jewellery design after being a model and an artist?
I was training to be a gold and silversmith after school when I was seventeen. But life took me on another journey. The jewellery design came back by coincidence 27 years later. I think I needed to have lived this rich life full of experience to create what I do today.

What is your greatest passion in life besides from your company?
Love, music and a good bourbon!

Do you have a favourite city or place in the world that you love to travel to?
I've been living in New York for eight years which is the most inspiring and tiring place in the world. But I'm kind of a gypsie and love travelling the world. For rest
and warm weather I choose Thailand. The food and the people is shear love.

Can you recommend any favourite places in Stockholm, Sweden?
My two favourite restaurants is Bistro Süd on Timmermansgatan, great food and great staff, and Pat's Place on Folkungagatan which has the best Thaifood in Stockholm

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