The Fabulous Muses

We have long been friends with The Fabulous Muses and absolutely love their style and creativity. They have incredible taste and talent for combining clothes and accessories through colors, patterns, and styles and their outfits almost feel like art pieces. We met them in their hometown of Bucharest, Romania for a short interview.

How did you become influencers?
We had a PR agency and then came the We started attending fashion weeks and styling for magazines, celebrities and movies. Then Instagram came into the picture. We believed from the beginning in the power of online and we were lucky enough to get jobs and have the opportunity to show our creativity on our accounts @fabmusealina and @fabmusediana.

Where does your interest in fashion come from?
Diana: Probably from my mother who was working in the industry. I have the passion for arts including fashion in my blood, I think.
Alina: I've always liked everything regarding fashion. I used to dream about my job or something similar to my job... I used to do PR for fashion magazines during University and I was lucky enough to follow my dreams. :)

How do you match a bag to an outfit?
Alina: I go with the flow! Sometimes I like monochrome outfits and sometimes I love bags that just pop up in my outfit! I love small bags for my holidays. I love bags that are more than a bag like Savas bags are. That’s why I am such a big fan!
Diana: Sometimes I just feel to wear a bag and I choose the outfit around it. Other times it takes me too much to pick one and other times I put everything together in an instant. My silver Savas bag is one of those that are so easy to be worn day or evening so it's one of the most versatile bags I have.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Savas?
Love the authenticity and the quality of the bags. They are more than bags, they are pieces of art. Like jewelry pieces. They don't go out of style — ever!

Which is your favorite Savas bag?
The small silver basket Caroline Mini! Because it goes well with everything. It's small, it's superrrr cute and has a lot of personality. And everyone on the street is starring at it :)

What are your favorite places in your hometown of Bucharest, Romania?
Bucharest is a very eclectic city. Nice in the spring and early autumn, very good city for party and night life. We have many cool new restaurants. We love Dancing Lobster and Agape for the food, Mamita pizza place obviously for the pizza but the place is very cute. Bite, Matcha Bar, Carul cu Bere for Romanian food.

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